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The unique taste of individuality in every t-shirt

We’re all different like Tiger stripes

We all know that each person has a unique DNA, just as the stripes on a tiger are different too. Have you ever thought that you’re clothing could be the same? DNA t-shirts work on the same principle?

The world of designer t-shirts has changed for the better. Designed and manufactured by DNA, these t-shirts are one of a kind.

Made from cotton sourced in Pakistan, the t-shirts hold the essence of class and set a high level of comfort and style, using a fabric that other brands can only follow. While these are excellent traits, that’s not what these designer t-shirts are about, there is something else.

What is it?  Well . . .

DNA – The Unique NFT T-Shirts

Long gone the days when t-shirts were considered casual apparel. In fact, with time, t-shirts have become a universal fashion for people of all ages in all walks of life.

DNA has taken the concept of a t-shirt to another level and made their designer collections individual. Each one is different from each other by a unique collection number. The owner of each t-shirt is locked to the collection number when they register the t-shirt into DNA’s brand authentication system.

What Makes their NF-T-Shirts Unique?

NFT is a term that many of you might be aware of, with many artists selling limited rights to digital art. However, with these designer t-shirts, the definition might change a little. They like to call their t-shirts NFT-shirts because of their ownership security and uniqueness that each one holds. DNA are the original uniquely identifiable t-shirt with a secure registration system that makes the t-shirt unique and counterfeit proof and pre-dates the current term NTF.

However, that is not all!

The designer t-shirts are made in limited collections. Each collection has a distinct collection reference, and when the collection has sold out, they have sold out, they won’t make any more. So, for collectors, this will more than likely help the t-shirt hold its value. That’ll be why they have an ownership transfer system, in case you want to sell it on one of the any second hand clothing apps. The t-shirts have a really classy silver plate on the left sleeve with the collection number engraved on them.

This is all amazing, but there’s more. They come with a certificate, which we think you should keep. They have a system for transferring the t-shirt ownership, so best to keep it. It looks like a credit card and on the back has a scratch panel hiding a security code. Owners can reveal the code and use it with the t-shirts collection number in their online authenticity system. Once registered, the wearer will have it locked to their name forever!  How cool is that?

So, what are you waiting for ?

If you’re as unique as the stripes on a tiger and you want to prove it, DNA is the designer t-shirt brand that will allow you to express this.

Amazing quality t-shirts that’ll make you stand out.

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