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Super cool t-shirts

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Ottawa designer t-shirt

Designer T-shirts

Designer t-shirts for men and women are a must-have for any fashionista and are a…

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Unique designer t-shirts

Real NFT-shirts

Each one has a unique collection number on it and they come with an owners certificate with a unique security code. These codes can be used in our online authetication system to verfiy the authenticity of the t-shirt, making our t-shirts fake proof.
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The origins of the word ‘T-SHIRT’

The origins of this version are unclear and could have come from locations such as the southern states of America, East coast of Australia, East London or the Western regions of Scotland. It makes sense as these areas are known for their inability to pronounce the English language properly or just abbreviate words out of sheer laziness to articulate properly. 
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Fake proof t-shirt brand authentication system

Unique DNA is the first online authentication system that allows you to authenticate your t-shirt…

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The idea of DNA . . .

is to out individuality into the world of fashion, making limited edition and collectable t-shirts…

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The making of an Outlaw

If you look closely you can see four illustration stages that it took to complete…

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