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Frequently Asked Questions

- HELP transferring an item

You can only transfer an item to an existing member. Make sure who you’re transferring to has created an account and a username.

  1. You need to know their username.
  2. From your portfolio above, tick the box/es of the item/s you’re transferring
  3. Click the dark Grey ‘Transfer Products’ button
  4. You’ll then be prompted to type in the name of the person you wish to transfer the item/s to.
  5. Start typing their name, when the their name appears in the menu, select it and press the ‘Transfer Products’ button again.

That’s it !

What happens now?

The new owner will be sent an email saying that you have transfered the item to them.

They then either accept the transfer, and it appears in their portfolio and they are the new owner


They reject the transfer and the item remains yours.

- What does the 'Status' mean?

Above are listed all of your registered items. These items are also displayed in the members gallery and show you as the registered owner and the ‘Status’ of the item. By default all registered items are set as ‘Registered‘,  showing that you own the item.

However, you can login to your profile and change the status of any your T-shirt to any of these:

Missing – This means you don’t know where it is.    So, let’s say that someone finds it and wears it as theirs. They can’t prove to anyone that they own it as you still have it registered to you in the online members gallery and you’ve even declared it missing & would like it back.

Worn out – You’ve loved & worn it sooo much but you’ve now had to retire it. As you’re so proud of your DNA in it’s memory you’ve kept the registration in your name.

For Sale – You’ve decided to sell it. Other logged in members can send you a message expressing their interest in buying it.  You make your own purchase agreements with each other.  *

*  = Once both parties are happy with the transaction, the previous owner can transfer ownership to the new owner.  This is done in the members admin area.  (Ideal for collectors)

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