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Everybody has a t-shirt. They’re a clothing basic and a fashion statement.

Originally an under garment and now a clothing item that makes an impression. There are t-shirts in all sorts of styles with millions of different designs on the front, all saying something about the wearer. From a baby to a senior, from lounging to sports, from grungy to a top executive, t-shirts are a universal fashion item. With an item so diverse, it’s understandable that t-shirts come in different brands, qualities, styles and prices.

Mens Designer T-shirts

In one part of the t-shirt spectrum is the ‘designer t-shirt’. So called because more design and attention has been applied than that of a high-volume production t-shirt. Consideration has been given to the style of the customer and often the cut has more of a fitted tailoring.

The fabric is so important and is a major factor when choosing a designer t-shirt. What are you going to wear the t-shirt with and where? The quality is generally a more superior fabric, durable and made with anti-twist and stretch technology. A combination of all of these factors makes it more complimentary and comfortable for the wearer.

It’s hard to imagine, that not so long ago, wearing a t-shirt in the office would not have happened. Yet now, quality, smart designer t-shirts for mens office wear is very acceptable. Who would have thought after so many years of men wearing a shirt and tie, that they can now replace that with such a simple item? Now top executives, men and women, roll up to work looking smart and cool.
Smart black designer t-shirts for mens style looks great and yet not over-stated. It diverts the class to the wearer and not itself. This is a clever item of clothing to wear. We see many important and influential people down playing their clothing to accentuate themselves, and this is more often than not done with a plain designer t-shirt. It says ‘I’m more important than my clothing’, but really, it’s a designer t-shirt under-pinning that style.

Times change, fashion changes. Although the t-shirt has been with us for years, the way that we wear it has changed and it is acceptable in all walks of life and culture. Wearing one won’t make you important or influential, but it will make you feel good wearing it and everyone deserves that.plain designer t-shirt.

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