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Designed for everyone, but exclusive for you.

Best t-shirts

Non-Fungible T-shirts

Our t-shirts are probably the best t-shirts you’ll ever wear. Just as your DNA makes you unique, our t-shirts are unique as well. Each t-shirt is hand made to order and has a unique collection number and security code, making each one different from all the others.
Our online authentication system verifies the t-shirt as a genuine DNA item, making our t-shirts fake proof. This also locks the t-shirt to the owner, making it truly personal to the owner, and displaying this in the owners gallery.

Ownership is transferable if you wish to sell it or pass it on, so these are like¬† ‘block chain t-shirts’.

Hand made in limited collections, these are rare, collecatable, wearable t-shirt art.

tshirts for the Boys
tshirts for the Girls

T-shirts that are as unique as you.

Our tshirts are different in many ways.

They are the first and original fashion brand with a fake proof system, which can authenticate each item with our online registration system.

No fakes allowed !

They are made in limited quantities, making them really sort after.

Each one has a unique collection number engraved onto it., making it different from every other tshirt in the collection.

Each one has a security code on the owners certificate. Registering the security code with the collection number will verfiy that they own a genuine DNA tshirt.

Successful registration will publish the new owner in the owners gallery, giving them bragging rights to their one of a kind tshirt and proving to everyone that they have unique DNA.

This might seem a bit much for a t-shirt, but where else can you get cool, custom made, fake proof, 'one of a kind', collectable t-shirts that you can authenticate the brand?

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